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Investments and investment cash are SIPC insured up to $500,000. Bank deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

You ask, we answer!

Are there bank transfer fees?

All ACH transfers (deposits and withdrawals) are free of charge.

Make sure you maintain a sufficient balance in your linked bank account when making transfers to your Flyte account.

What taxes will I have to pay?

The taxes on your investments will be treated differently depending on whether you are an adult, or a minor under the age of 18. For any accounts you hold with taxable activity for the prior tax year, we will make available a tax document on February 18 for the prior tax year.

For anyone under the age of 18

A child's income from their Flyte account does not need to be declared when their total unearned income for the year is less than $2,200. When a child is earning more than $2,200 in unearned income, they will be taxed at the Estate and Trust Income Tax Rates. These rates start from 10% and more information on children taxes is available from the IRS at

For anyone above the age of 18

You can use the tax forms provided to complete your tax return.

Please note you should address specific tax questions with a tax professional as we do not provide legal or tax advice.

Do I need to be the parent to invest?

You don't need to have kids to invest for kids with Flyte.

Flyte is a great way to show that you care about a child's future, whether your own kids or of others. You'll just need their name, date of birth and social security number to create their account. The account will be held in your control until they reach adulthood.

If you don't have their social security number, we've made it really easy for you to get it from a parent, to help kids get started even more easily.

Can I give my kids access to their account?

With Flyte, you can let kids monitor their Flyte accounts with their own logins.

To give them access, you can open up the settings for the respective account you want to give access to and choose Create Login. This will allow them to access their account but will limit them from transferring any money from your bank or placing any trades.

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